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Medical Billing and Coding – Is it a Good Option After High School?

As you finish high school and move out into the real world you will have several concerns, one of which involves the job in which you find yourself. Where will you be working? What will you be doing? In our opinion, medical billing and coding is an outstanding career that you will enjoy, and becoming […]

What Are PCI Compliant Systems?

In the modern business environment, companies must accept credit card payments if they want to remain viable. Only a few primarily cash or cash-only operations still thrive, and even many businesses that historically transacted in cash now accept credit card payments via smartphone applications and portable devices. Progressive companies and more traditional brick-and-mortar organizations need […]

Check out Apps that will Become More Popular in 2018

As far as technology is concerned, 2018 has been an incredible year and we are just now hitting the six-month mark. There are a few very interesting trends that have appeared, most of which were inconceivable several years ago. Today we are going to look at a few concepts that you might learn while you […]

Backups: Physical vs. Cloud

Backups have always been a sensitive topic whether you’re talking about an entire business or an individual. The one thing that all technology users have in common is that at some point they learn the importance of keeping backups the hard way, and today it is more important than ever before. With that being said, […]

What is New in Health Information Technology?

The healthcare field is expanding considerably thanks to technology, and if you are just starting to learn about how information technology integrates with healthcare, then you likely have many questions. This article explores a few examples of updated and newly introduced technology. You will be amazed by how advanced the medical field has become and […]

Facts About Health Information Technology Training

If you are thinking of entering the Health Information Technology field, you probably have a lot of questions and concerns, the first, of course, being how much time you will spend in school to learn your craft. This is a valid question, and the last thing you ever want is to find yourself stuck in […]

Four Essential Skills any IT Professional Needs

As you jump into the information technology field you probably have some expectations; many of them will be spot on and others might be way off. Honestly, the meeting of your expectations will be dependent on how much you know about the field and most importantly, how much you learned while you were in information […]

Four Major changes that are Coming to information Technology

As you prepare to attend information technology school you probably wonder what changes are coming to the industry and what exactly you can expect. As you join this amazing field, you’ll learn how to navigate an extremely complicated field, but you will also find that it changes before your eyes and you need to be […]

Are More Companies Moving their Work to the Cloud?

Is the cloud really as popular as many people are making it out to be? Are companies moving most of their work to the cloud? These are questions that you will start to pose at information technology school and we have a few ideas to pose to you right here in this article. We’re going […]

Apple’s FaceID – How Well Does It Really Work?

Apple's FaceID

We are quickly moving past the need for physical passwords and we’ve seen everything from fingerprint readers all the way to voice print authorization. On September 12th, 2016, Apple introduced the replacement TouchID, known as Face ID. The name is self-explanatory but how does it work and is it actually practical? While pursuing your information […]

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