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The Importance of Mobile Device Optimization

There is a serious need for mobile device optimization today, especially when you consider the number of devices that are currently floating around. So here’s the big question: what exactly needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to mobile optimization? At information technology school, you will learn a number of different things, and […]

Is the Cloud Really Less Secure than On-Site Storage?

There are many businesses that have resisted switching over to the cloud due to the fact that they have been told it is far less secure than many of the other options out there. Admittedly that could be true to an extent but it ultimately depends on the cloud supplier that is being discussed. Today […]

Information Technology Terms: Hubs vs. Routers

If you’re entering the technology field, particularly networking, then you’ve probably heard the terms ‘hub’ and ‘router’ used, and there is a strong chance that you’ve heard these two used interchangeably. This makes it a bit confusing, but at any information technology university, you will quickly learn the difference. Today, we’re going to save you […]

Why Industries are Rapidly Switching to Linux

Windows has long been a standard in internet and network security, but if you’ve studied computer history then you already know that UNIX was one of the original operating systems. It was followed up by MINIX, which was then succeeded by a monolithic dorm room project by Linux Torvalds. Surprisingly, despite mounting criticism, the operating […]

Four Industries that Are Going to Need Information Security Right Now

As the world moves forward, there are a number of industries that are going to need the protection of information security in more ways than one. So, what does that mean exactly? What is it that we have to look forward to, and what industries will you be serving after you attend information technology school? […]

Three Ways Information Technology Has Changed in the Last Ten Years

The information technology landscape is in a constant state of change. Whether it’s the way that people use the internet for work and for play, or how devices have advanced beyond our previous expectations, it is critically important to stay on top of the latest evolutions in information technology. If you’re someone who is interested […]

What does Information Security Mean Today?

There was a time when ‘information security’ honestly meant keeping the file cabinets locked, but today there is so much more to it. Thanks to computers, and the internet, anyone can have access to virtually anything in a matter of seconds. You have so many people wandering around in the wild with capable wireless devices, […]

Open Source vs. Closed Source Software

If you’re in charge of IT at your business, or even if you run your own business, you’ll need to know the difference between open and closed-source software. Knowing the difference can influence how you use it at work, and how you run your business as a whole. If you don’t have an information technology […]

Health Information Technology: The Future Is Digital

Digital technology is becoming more prominent wherever you work. Every industry is using digital media and tools to help them become more efficient and increase their output. This is especially true in the health field. Here’s why IT is so important, and how information technology classes can help you start a career in this field. […]

Three Industries that are Going to Need Information Technology Experts

Real Information Technology Training for the Real World Information technology (IT) experts are always in great demand. From hardware and software to cloud and automation technologies – these professionals specialize in repairing issues and restoring proper functionality. As your local information technology school, ITI Technical College features high-quality IT courses taught by experienced instructors and […]

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