With the new digital age upon us, information security remains a crucial aspect of any new or existing commercial brand. In a nutshell, information security (Infosec) is essentially a set of strategies designed to manage processes, tools, and policies. These, of course, relate to preventing or countering threats to digital and non-digital information. For example, any company would want to protect its most discreet data and information from unauthorized access, breaches, and foreign intrusion. With this in mind, ITI Technical College features the right information security training for all interested students. With hands-on training and real-time applications for real-world scenarios, we truly prepare you for a career in this challenging and ever-changing industry.

As an information security specialist, you will have the necessary tools and skills to ensure the following:


  • * Managing all information processing, tools, and policies for leading companies across several industries and sectors.


  • * Setting up business processes that will protect crucial business data, information, assets, and communications with clients, customers, and staff (in-house and remote).


  • * Ensuring maximum protection and security for any and all daily data that is transmitted for business purposes. This includes formatting data to prevent adware, malware, viruses, hacks, breaches, and intrusions of any kind.


The World of Information Security Technologies

Information Security DegreeAt ITI Technical College, we offer a range of information security classes taught by experienced instructors and professionals. In fact, students get real-time knowledge and skills necessary to master information security protocols and services. This includes learning about the different programs and apps within this realm, along with hardware, software, cloud, and mobile-based technologies. We also help you understand the importance of maintaining data confidentiality, integrity, and availability for all IT systems you will work on. For example, while it is always important to protect business data for your respective employers – we teach you how to ensure this data is also available for all authorized parties (vendors, staff, remote employees, executives, clients, etc).

If you are looking to obtain an information security degree, we have the tools and expertise to put you on the right path to a successful and enriching career. With industry advisors and job placement experts, we prepare students and graduates for the best and highest-paying positions in the IT industry today. In fact, here are but a few industries and jobs that always demand the best IT information security experts and professionals:


  • * Web Development, Web Design, and SEO Marketing Agencies.


  • * Product Development and Research.


  • * Medical, Healthcare, Insurance.


  • * Retail, Commercial, Industrial Manufacturing, Petrochemicals, Oil, and Gas.


  • * Entertainment, Education, Hospitality, HRM, HR, Sports.


  • * Business, International Relations, Government, Biotech, Medical Research.


With our Computer & Information security Technology Training school, you will get the right skills needed to ensure employability and marketability in this challenging and multi-faceted industry. In fact, information security is fast-paced and always changing in a blink of an eye. With this in mind, we prepare you for a rewarding career that ensures your learned skills never go to waste.

IT Security Services

As an information security specialist, you will learn how to identify different forms of malware and phishing attacks. This also includes identity theft, along with ransomware. Your skills will help you deter attackers and intruders across vast digital networks. Students also learn how to mitigate new and existing vulnerabilities at various points – enabling them to formulate deeply layered defense strategies and platforms.

From security breaches and hacks to in-house or remote employee mistakes, information security personnel play vital roles in establishing Incident Response Plans (IRPs). These plans are essential in containing or limiting interior or exterior damages while restoring optimal functionality and performance to all networks, hardware, software, apps, servers, and much more.

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