If you were to look back 30 or even 20 years, you would find that CAD, or computer aided drafting, was a fledgling technology that was considered more of an expensive novelty than a necessity in the industry. Today, you won’t find a civil engineer who doesn’t have extensive training in CAD and other computer based technologies. If you want a career in civil engineering, then you’re absolutely going to need to enroll in a reputable CAD & Architectural Drafting Program. ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge can provide you with the education that you need, preparing you for an exciting career.

Why Computer Aided Drafting is Essential Today

Computer Aided DraftingCAD doesn’t just help you to perform drafting more quickly and efficiently, but it also helps to improve accuracy in the process. With a computer-based system, you are able to eliminate redesigns and redraws, because you can look for inefficiencies and poor design choices during the initial design stage. Even before you present a drafting to a client or direct superior, you will have performed numerous analytics to discover faults in a design. What you will be left with is a complete draft that will be more likely to impress.

A drafting education will also help you to work more efficiently. When using CAD in the design process, you will be able to reuse standard elements and concepts in different civil engineering projects. This helps to complete the drafting quicker, but it can also increase efficiency and reduce the costs of a final project. Reused elements or repetition in design are easily incorporated into technical drawings, and you can easily create databases and lists of each element, section, and even the materials that will be used in the construction process.

By providing all of these benefits, CAD does something that is extremely important. It reduces the time spent on the tedious task of drawing, and allows you to put more of your focus on solving engineering challenges. This can help you to come up with more innovative solutions that will benefit any project that you’re working on.

As a junior civil engineer who is entering the industry, you will often find that your work is not performed alone. You will often need to collaborate with a team of engineers, along with a direct supervisor. This is another area where computer aided drafting is the best option, because the nature of a digitized format means that you can easily share and work together with a team of other talented individuals. Rather that sharing paper drafts and redrawing and adjusting, changes can be made in seconds through powerful CAD software.

These are just some of the reasons why CAD is now the industry standard in civil engineering, and without the right skills you won’t be able to provide any value to the industry or a potential employer.

Studying for an Architectural Drafting and Design Associate Degree

ITI Technical CollegeThe best way to develop expertise in CAD is through expertly guided program at an architectural drafting school. If you’re thinking about studying in Baton Rouge, LA, then ITI Technical College is a fantastic option. With a curriculum that focuses both on theory and practice, you can ensure that you will develop a comprehensive skillset in drafting and design.

Start your career with the right skills and a recognized qualification. Upon completion of your program at ITI, you will be able to demonstrate skills in digital drawing, particularly using AutoCAD, the world’s preferred computer aided design software.

Talk to us today to discuss upcoming enrollments, course requirements, scheduling and your promising future as a skilled engineer in the world’s most exciting industries.


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