The world is changing; we can see it in everything. From the political policies being set forth by our government, to the types of activities that we undertake every single day. Most importantly however, we can see all of the changes in our technology, some of which are more confusing than others. The first thing that we want to say is that technology has changed significantly.

There was a time when using the Internet would have required one to sit in a dark room or an office, and quite frankly, those who spent any significant amount of time on the Internet were largely unseen. Fast-forward to today and the Internet is available to virtually anyone across the entire planet. We are connected in ways that our ancestors could never have predicted and if you’re going to take information technology training, there are a few things you should know.

The Future of Information Technology Training is Mobile

We no longer live in a tethered world, the future is absolutely, positively mobile. There are many new devices on the market from smartphones, to tablets, and everything in between. They help keep us more connected but they also necessitate newer and more interesting methods of information technology training. One of the greatest things about mobile devices is that they are inexpensive, giving anyone access to the Internet as well as private networks. One of the many issues that accompany this of course is the increased bandwidth usage you’re going to run into at nearly any facility. In addition to that, hacked and customized devices can pose a security threat to any network, which is something you will be finding out in your information technology classes.

It’s the End of Windows as we Know It

Windows has been the King since the mid-eighties, and that hasn’t changed. What has changed is the way it is presented and the way in which it operates. Today, Windows is more touch screen oriented and the operating system is definitely much more modular than it was in the past. Today it can be installed on many different devices including those with ARM architecture. The changes to Windows are definitely difficult to get used to, and most definitely difficult if you are going to succeed in today’s IT field.

You have to Pick a Side

The average consumer has no concept of the war that is currently raging between operating systems. There are those who prefer Windows, those who prefer some variant of Linux, and there are even strong opinions on the correct mobile platform. For example it is not uncommon to see major disagreements over the proper mobile computing platform. There are many who obviously prefer Android, but iOS is definitely on equal ground. Now, as an IT professional, you will need to make sure that you are able to troubleshoot both operating systems and even work as a security expert across the board.

Networking Has Changed

ITI Technical CollegeNetworking as we knew it is a thing of the past. Not only are we tasked with learning to operate wireless networks, we need to make sure we’re familiar with new concepts like beamforming and even console compatibility. In addition to that routers now commonly use custom firmware to override manufacturer settings, making them more complicated beasts than ever before. That being said, you have a lot to learn and an exciting journey to go on with our information technology training.

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