Computer systems are not a one size fits all deal; in fact, they can be quite complex. IT Security officers must be well equipped to handle all different types of softwares and systems in order to effectively keep systems secure from attacks and security breaches, but how do they do that? Simply stated, enrolling in a top quality IT School that’s specifically geared toward IT Security is a great start. At ITI Technical College, we put great emphasis on IT Security, and we introduce students to all different types of systems to ensure that they are thoroughly equipped for their career in information technology security.

A Broad Overview: Networks and Programs

Information Security SchoolOur Information Technology training school is robust and based on current trends; simply stated, it’s fast paced, exciting and intensive. We’ll start from square one, assuming you have no knowledge of the information technology industry, whether your interest is security or not. From there, as you grow in your knowledge, we’ll teach you how to use process of elimination to diagnose and fix issues. You won’t only receive information suited for a generalized career in IT, you’ll be able to select a specialization tailored to your specific interests: networking, and programming. Networking IT students will focus on networks and routers, operating systems, hardware, and other aspects of computer security.

The programming students will have the opportunity to learn different programming languages and tools like C#, Visual Basic, .NET, ADO,, HTML and more. In this specialty program, students will be taught Web Design, Database Development, Web application development and more. Both Networking and Programming students will have the opportunity to learn core components of the opposite specialty to complete a well-rounded education.

In ITI’s Information Technology training, we pride ourselves in equipping our students with more than just the basics; in fact, we find that they thrive beyond their specialization as they understand more than just those who learn the material and go through the motions… our students understand the roots of the systems, how they’re built to operate, and therefore what may be causing them to malfunction, regardless of their specialty, but especially in Security.

Learning Linux

In the most simple terms, Linux is a computer operating system; it’s the software that enables computer applications and the computer operator to access devices on the computer to perform whatever function is desired. The operating system relays instructions from the application to the processor to accomplish whatever goal has been set out to do. It is, in essence, the nervous system of the computer… sending signals and messages to and from the user and the processor.

Why do we put emphasis on Linux at ITI Technical College? Without understanding Linux, you likely won’t understand the root of many IT issues. Without at least a basic understanding of a computer’s operating system, an IT technician is rendered nearly useless. With a proper education, the IT technician may work on whatever goes wrong on an office computer – including (but not limited to) the operating system.

ITI Technical College

ITI Technical CollegeIf you’re considering an Information Technology Security degree, the IT Program you’ll find here at ITI Technical College, will prepare you to manage systems of all kinds. Who are we? We’re a school who prides ourselves on offering occupational studies for vocational work that will be relevant regardless of what changes in the economy over the years. Since our founding in 1973, we have provided training in programs that exist based on the needs of the time and of the business and industrial community; for decades, our focus has been on training personnel to meet job requirements of the technical age.

Our teaching staff are experts in their fields and are completely dedicated to making the experience a positive one for you that only ends in success. Whether your goal with Information Technology Security is to work for America’s Department of Homeland Security, or simply contribute to protecting some other aspect of cyberspace for a company or corporation, the job is vitally important, and ITI is the school for you.

Perhaps you’re intrigued at the possibility of learning about systems of all types, but you’d like to know more. We invite you to visit our Baton Rouge, LA based campus, to check our Web site, or simply give us a call for more information on our Information Technology training.



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