Information Technology Program, Cloud ComputingOne of today’s biggest questions in the technology world is “What is the cloud”?  Cloud computing is the concept of making files, data, applications, or even virtual servers available regardless of the hardware status of an individual machine.  A Cloud consists of many machines at data centers across the country or across the world.  These resources are not only a highly available series of servers, but the hosted material (files, data, applications, or virtual servers) are not hosted on any one hardware server, but they are hosted on a group of servers.  These servers are typically virtual machines that are running on a host of many physical servers.  This way, if one particular machine goes down, the remaining running servers keep the resource available.  This is the nature of the cloud.

Colleges and universities across the nation are offering a wide variety of programs to prepare students for successful careers in current information technology disciplines, including cloud computing.

ITI Technical College calls Baton Rogue, LA home.  The school was founded in 1973 to directly serve the needs of the local business and industrial community.  ITI was created to specifically fit the increasing demands of companies in the Louisiana and Gulf Coast region.

The college’s objective is to train personnel to meet the changing job requirements of a progressive technological age.  As the demand for trained technicians increases, ITI graduates provide the supply to this demand.

One of the best examples of the school’s tech diversity is ITI’s Information Technology Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) degree, which allows students to choose between two specialized educational paths:  Networking or Programming Specialization.

Information technology colleges and programs realize that tech-oriented students can be very strong in one field but weak in another.  While rare pupils exceed in both hardware and software disciplines, this is far more of an exception than the rule.  It is important to have an understanding of both sides of technology, but it is difficult to develop expertise in a field that a person struggles with.

For example, a person who has difficulty with advanced math will probably not major in statistics, just like a person who doesn’t particularly care to write will be an English major.

ITI Technical College addresses this phenomenon by offering a programming discipline for software-oriented students and a networking concentration for hardware-oriented students.  While both of these paths do offer instruction on cloud computing, this is an aspect of technology that permeates a networking curriculum.

Information technology collegesCloud computing can be as applicable to a software-focused field as it can to hardware disciplines.  You see, the cloud does not care what types of files are uploaded as they can be text documents detailing a new line of code or the network protocols of a Fortune 1000 company.  The cloud exists to backup and support, and this existence is simple yet complex at the same time.  This is more than just social networking, lightweight antivirus programs, and an online data drive; it is a complex network of servers with each server providing a different function.  One of the most well-known and common responsibilities of cloud computing is storing data.  If you use a service like Carbonite, Crash Plan, or Microsoft’s One Drive, you are backing up your data to a cloud-based storage server.

Whether you are a home or business user, the cloud is an excellent resource for several different reasons.  First of all, no matter where you are in the world, your files are accessible.

It just takes a few clicks to access a critical document whether it is a business proposal or a once-in-a-lifetime photograph.  For businesses, cloud-based backups of an entire corporate network can mean the difference between being up in an hour versus a week.

Perhaps it is no surprise that the biggest and most important companies in the world rely on cloud-based backups for the backbone of their business.  The cloud delivers not only convenience but tremendous reliability.

ITI Technical College is proud to offer cloud computing as part of our information technology curriculums to familiarize students with this relevant and critical technology.  While some people see the cloud as convenient others see it as an absolute necessity.

In the event of catastrophic failures, cloud-based backups provide peace of mind and what could almost be described as an “insurance policy”.  Contact ITI today to find out more about our great programs and how they can help you become an expert in cloud computing.


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