Most of us take for granted what happens when we turn on our computer: lights flash, a mouse moves, a few clicks later and you’ve found yourself inside the world wide web, with billions of websites and endless amounts of information right at your fingertips. Minutes later, you leave the web and access your favorite app, which edits video and creates condensed trailers which you can save to your phone to access at any time. How can you benefit from Linux for An IT Career?

For the user, it’s quite simple. But behind each simplified, watered-down, user-friendly process is a complicated operating system – one which few users think about but is necessary for a properly operating computer to function at its capacity. This operating system is called Linux, and it is an integral part of our Information Technology School.

What is it? And How Can You Benefit From Linux For An IT Career?

You Benefit From Linux For An IT Career
You Benefit From Linux For An IT Career

In the most simple terms, Linux is a computer operating system; it’s the software that enables computer applications and the computer operator to access devices on the computer to perform whatever function is desired. The operating system relays instructions from the application to the processor to accomplish whatever goal has been set out to do. It is, in essence, the nervous system of your computer… sending signals and messages to and from the user and the processor.

Why Can You Benefit From Linux For An IT Career?

Have you ever tried to fix a problem without understanding its root? The information technology industry is a great example of how this is actually nearly impossible. As the everyday computer operator, can you imagine calling your IT technician to fix some problem on your computer, only to have him arrive and tell you, “I’m sorry, I’m unfamiliar with the operating system so it’s best I don’t address the problem you called about”?

Without at least a basic understanding of a computer’s operating system (or in our case, Linux), an IT technician is rendered nearly useless. With proper education, the IT technician may work on whatever goes wrong on an office computer – including (but not limited to) the operating system.

What ITI’s Information Technology School Will Teach You

Our Information Technology training school is designed for quick learners; simply stated, it’s fast-paced, exciting, and intensive. We’ll start from square one, assuming you have no knowledge of the information technology industry. From there, as you grow in your knowledge, we’ll teach you how to use the process of elimination to diagnose and fix issues. You won’t only receive information suited for a generalized career in IT, but you’ll be able to select a specialization tailored to your specific interests: networking, and programming.

Networking IT students will focus on networks and routers, operating systems, hardware, and other aspects of computer security. The programming students will have the opportunity to learn different programming languages and tools like C#, Visual Basic, .NET, ADO,, HTML, and more. In this specialty program, students will be taught Web Design, Database Development, Web application development, and more.

Both Networking and Programming students will have the opportunity to learn core components of the opposite specialty to complete a well-rounded education.

Information Technology Training School
Information Technology Training School

The world of IT is broad, and there are numerous ways to dive into it. Despite the sheer size and number of possibilities in the industry, there is one thing that applies across the board: you must know the operating system, and that’s why we choose not to skip over Linux training at our Information Technology University because you benefit from Linux for An IT Career.

In your research, you’ll likely find that some schools do scrimp on the basics in order to focus on a specialization, such as Web Design or App development – facets of the industry that don’t require daily OS problem-solving. However, in equipping our students with OS basics, we find that they thrive beyond their specialization, as they understand more than just going through the motions… they understand the root of the system, how it’s built to operate, and therefore what may be causing it to malfunction, regardless of their specialty.

If you’re a person who enjoys understanding the inner workings of smart devices and computer technology, don’t hesitate to look into ITI Technical College’s Information Technology Training. We’ll equip you for a thriving career in IT. Check out our website today.


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