Codes of Ethics & The Importance of Ethics in Construction Management

Managers in any industry need a set of ethical guidelines to govern their behaviors and set a positive example for those they lead. These ethical concepts need not be complex or exhaustive but rather should be simple and to the point. Ethics in construction management are no different except with one major difference – work […]

Why Do Students Need a Construction Management Program for a Thriving Career in Construction?

Today’s construction industry is demanding, and managers are expected to have a college degree when applying for better jobs. Gone are the days when a skilled technician with some experience can elevate to a residential or commercial construction manager. Employers want new hires to have a strong overall understanding of construction management programs and projects […]

What the Future of Medical Coding

The future of medical coding looks promising because Americans are living longer and the population is increasing. Medical coding has been a mainstay of medical office work for decades and coordinates with medical billing. Coders create accurate patient records for future use and for the billing department to create statements. These statements go to insurance […]

Is an AOS Degree Worth It

AOS degree worth is growing as the need for technical workers increases nationwide. As more of the younger workforce moves toward white-collar and service jobs, a shortage of blue-collar employees exists. An Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree places graduates in a positive position for employment. Many community college and university graduates with general degrees […]

How Do I Apply for TOPS Scholarship

TOPS scholarships have become more relevant as the cost of a college education rises. These sources of funding are available as local, state, and national awards from a variety of organizations. Scholarships provide these benefits over taking out loans:  They help students organize their accomplishments, talents, skills, and scholastic abilities on paper as they complete […]

Jobs of the Future: Instrument and Control Systems Technology Jobs

The role of Instrument And Control Systems Technicians, sometimes called mechanics, is not going away. As new technologies emerge and businesses develop to sell their products, technicians will continue to make production processes more efficient. They will also work to improve measuring instruments and control systems while increasing the safety of employees. As the COVID-19 […]

Are HVAC Technicians in High Demand?

The short answer is yes, very much so. HVAC is one of the fastest-growing careers in the U.S. today. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), new jobs in this industry will grow by 19,000  from now until 2030. A significant factor in work opportunities is the ban on R-22 Freon® refrigerants that […]

6 Industries That Need Process Technology Professionals

The demand for Process Technology Professionals holds steady, even in our turbulent economy. Many industries depend on them to keep their manufacturing and processing facilities operating at peak performance. As our population and business bases increase and older employees retire, many college grads are sought to fill the open positions. The industries that hire Process […]

5 Office Administration Careers Currently in Demand

Each year, thousands of workers enter Office Administration Careers and Positions in many industries. The need for them is ongoing from the smallest business enterprise to the largest U.S. corporations. Their services are invaluable for company success from carrying out simple tasks to transacting large financial matters. According to Robert Half Talent Solutions, the office […]

What Type of Work Do Drafting and Design Engineers Do?

Drafting and design work is present in an extensive list of U.S. and international companies and involves creating a wide range of drawings and models, such as: Mechanical drawings Digital drawings Diagrams Blueprints Models Adding specifications Drafting and design engineers are employed in many industries including the architectural, manufacturing, civil engineering, mechanical, electrical, and construction […]


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