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Information Security Training for DDoS Attacks

According to statistics from one of the world’s leading internet security companies, there were more than half a billion data breaches in 2015 that resulted in the theft or loss of personal information. The same company found that more than 75% of websites feature critical vulnerabilities that could easily be exploited by malicious parties. What […]

Why Our Government Relies On Information Technology Security Training

IT Security Training

Very few people really understand what it takes to keep America the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are all too familiar with physical, real-world attacks on our freedom, but too many times we don’t seriously consider attacks on cyberspace as an imminent threat. Truth be told, cyber threats and […]

Jobs you can Get after Completing Information Security Training

The corporate world is a big one. With companies representing such a vast range of growing markets and industries, it seems to be a growing world. Without question, there’s work to be found in corporate, especially if you’re an Information Technology Professional. Not only are corporate jobs everywhere, but they typically are solid jobs that […]

Information Technology Security and Homeland Security

You hear often the terms “Information Technology” and “Homeland Security”, but do you often think of them as going hand and hand? Likely not, although you should! Consider the amount of sensitive information our government houses online and over computer networks. This type of information, if it were released into the wrong hands, would be […]

Learn about SSL Encryption Layers at our Information Systems Security School

At any information security training facility there are a number of things that you are going to learn and one of the important areas is the understanding of the SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. You’ve heard it before, undoubtedly, but what is it exactly? What bearing does it have on information technology as we know […]

Information Security Training 101: How Key FOBS Have Changed the Industry

Security has always been a problem. Throughout history we have literally dedicated ourselves to finding ways to keep people from ‘getting into things’, so to speak. We invented locks to keep people out of rooms, boxes, chests, and even cars, but as technology has moved forward, so too has our need to invent more ways […]

Information Security Training: A Quick Guide to CHMOD Settings in UNIX Systems

CHMOD settings are something that you will learn about in information security classes, and while they can be very complex, we’re only going to cover a few simple aspects of them. The first thing that we would like to point out, is that Windows has an equivalent of the CHMOD setting, even if you don’t […]

The Top Four Information Technology Security Careers

Technology is a constantly evolving landscape that requires expertise in the field of IT. Computers have come a long way from being huge, hulking machines that need a large room in order to operate to small, powerful processors that can be held in the palm of the hand. Burning Glass Technologies even pointed out the […]

Learn More About Router Security in Information Security Classes

Many homes today have a wireless router in their home. This constant connectivity to the internet allows them to have continuous access to the wider network. They can communicate on social media, access videos, and TV shows, play games online, and much more. Wireless routers can also be a security risk when they’re unsecured. Through […]

Four Real World Examples of Information Systems Security Failure

Cyber security isn’t a joke anymore, it’s a real problem that needs to be addressed. In the early days of the internet, before the real rise of the Digital Age, hard-copies were preferred over digital, and the prevalence of hacking was still minimal. Those days are long since gone, but it seems plenty of companies, […]

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