Data is essential to the continued success of any organization. Now that we are well into the information age, the majority of all new business data is being stored electronically. Stored data can include customer records, financial information, operational information, and general company documentation. If a company loses data or has data compromised and stolen, the consequences could be severe. That’s where the Information Security Training will help protect your or your company’s information.

If you are interested in studying information technology or choosing a career as a security officer, then an information security degree is what you need to get there.

Training Prepares You to Face Today’s Security Challenges

If you need an example of how important information security is, then take a look at a few of the recent high-profile data breaches that have affected organizations and their customers in recent history.

One of the most significant breaches was suffered by a company that is right at the top of the IT game, illustrating the fact that security threats can impact any company, at any time. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and the US Navy revealed in 2016 that 134,000 Navy records had been accessed by an unauthorized group, which was able to view information such as full names and social security numbers of Navy personnel. When a large IT company such as Hewlett-Packard is compromised, it is clear that businesses of all sizes need to take security seriously.

Information Security TrainingAnother breach in 2016 was reported by the popular web hosting company, Weebly. The company’s servers were hacked, leading to the compromise of more than 43 million customer accounts. The information accessed included individual names, passwords, email addresses, and private IP addresses. The company could not determine if billing information was compromised in the attack, but it remains a possibility. This caused a massive inconvenience to Weebly customers and had a significant impact on business operations. Professionals with information security training had to respond quickly to this breach, to identify the vulnerability and take steps to advise customers and implement more robust protection measures on their servers.

Telecommunications giant, Verizon, was also a victim of cybercrime in 2016 and had to come public with the news that more than 1.5 million of their enterprise customers were compromised in a targeted data attack. The breach was made possible by a vulnerability in the Verizon client portal that is used by millions of companies across the United States. This particular breach further illustrated that data theft is always possible, even with the largest IT and telecommunications companies.

These are just three examples of some of the highest-profile breaches of the previous year, but there are literally millions more of varying scales, all around the world. Your information security training will allow you to add value to any employer, by having the knowledge and skillset to implement the best security protocols. A key benefit of your training will prepare you to use security software such as antivirus and firewall programs, as well as hardware firewalls and other technologies that limit access to sensitive data.

While it is impossible to prevent every instance of cybercrime, your information security degree and training will allow you to anticipate attacks, and discover vulnerabilities through regular penetration testing. With IT training at ITI Technical College in Baton Rouge, you’ll gain a broad understanding of how computer networks function, allowing you to identify the most likely routes for attacks within any organization.

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