Before defining the Windows Server operating systems it is important to understand what a server is and what it does.  A server or servers consist of hardware and software components.  First off, a server can be a simple file server running on older hardware that is simply meant to communicate with one or more computers and do nothing more than store documents which can be accessed from a centralized location i.e. the file server.  Yet when one is talking about a dedicated enterprise-class server, this is usually an expensive machine made up of server-class hardware such as specific processors and technologies such as hard drives set up in a RAID array to put redundancies in place in the event of any technical issues.

drafting-smallAmong the most sought-after information technology disciplines are network engineers and network administrators.  ITI Technical College proudly offers networking technology as one of its two information technology educational concentrations for this very reason.   ITI Technical College ( is located in Baton Rouge, LA and was founded in 1973.  ITI was created with the purpose to directly serve the needs of the local business and industrial community.  The college was meant to fit the increasing technical demands of companies in the Louisiana and Gulf Coast region.  The objective of the school remains the same to this day:  to train personnel to meet the changing job requirements of a progressive technological age.  Considering that now even the smallest of businesses usually have at least one server, ITI graduates receive the information technology training necessary to provide the labor force for increasing technical needs and demands.

Information technology colleges demonstrate how the Windows server environment is a great example of the equal importance of both hardware and software.  Regardless if a student is more proficient in one discipline or another they will still need skill in each of these areas to correctly configure and maintain an enterprise-class server.  Servers are entirely different animals due to their applications, functionality, and serving as the “backbone” of a network.  Server administrators have to understand the correct configuration of the operating system and the instructions it gives to an entire array of workstations.

Hardware servers, whether they are simple or extremely advanced, usually run on a server-class operating system.  As Microsoft Windows puts out a variety of consumer-class operating systems, they also put out a variety of corporate class server operating systems.  It is no surprise that this software is simply called Windows Server, which launched its first version in 2003 and will be launching the technical preview of its 2016 iteration later this year.  Windows Server offers several enterprise class features such as Activity Directory, DNS Server, DHCP Server, and Group Policy that are not found in its regular home-class operating systems.

campusMicrosoft Server allows network administrators to set new controls and access levels with Active Directory and Identity, manage company servers from anywhere in the world with Server management, and offer advanced Remote Desktop Service to improve even graphics, scaling, and cloud integration.  This software can even allow for the creation of a physical or virtual server in order to provide even more layers of protection against outside threats, especially for mobile users.  This is made possible with hybrid flexibility (hardware and software) and software-defined networking.  As threats are constantly emerging and evolving, Microsoft Server offers equally advanced malware protection (when run with an effective antivirus program) to keep these crippling threats out of your protected network.  Finally, a server-class operating system can serve as the core of an efficient Windows ecosystem, which is growing daily thanks to the advances Windows 10 has made on mobile platforms which effortlessly sync with the company’s corporate-class software.

If you are considering a career in networking and want a solid grasp on what comprises a Windows server, consider ITI’s excellent networking program.  An exciting field awaits new experts and ITI Technical college is a great place to get started.  Contact us today for more information about our course of study and the job prospects in the area of networking.  A bright future is in your grasp and our school is a first step to that future.


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