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If you’re thinking about studying for an Information Technology degree, then you’re in for an exciting time at the ITI Technical College, followed by a rewarding and challenging career at the forefront of technology. Even before you start your courses, you’ll probably want to absorb all that you can about the information technology industry as a whole, as well as some of the common brands and products that are out there.

Any time that you deal with computers, right from your information technology training, all the way to your role in the industry, you’re going to be using laptops, desktops, and even server machines that run Intel and AMD processors. While there are processors from other companies, such as IBM, Toshiba, NVidia, and others, it is the consumer and server chips from Intel and AMD that are the most ubiquitous, and sometimes the most interesting.

Rivalry In The Information Technology Industry

As you study at an information technology college, you will learn that many of the tech companies have shared histories, staff often jump between competitors, and it is often that companies even share some of their technologies. Intel and AMD most definitely share technologies, but they are also fierce competitors.

At this stage in the industry, Intel has what is a near monopoly on the consumer and corporate server processor market. While AMD does provide competing solutions, they have been stagnating for some time. It wasn’t always like this, and there was even a time when AMD was making the fastest chips on the market. AMD licenses some of its technologies from Intel, and it can be interesting or even amusing knowing that there were times when AMD was doing better with this technology.

Top CPU ManufacturersToday multi-core processors are standard, and some processes even have hyperthreading technology to allow multiple instruction threads per core. This can mean that each core has two threads, essentially doubling the usable computing power. What this means is that a four-core chip with hyperthreading would look like an 8 core chip to an operating system, and allows for huge performance gains for software that can make use of the multiple cores and threads.

In recent memory, right up until the end of 2016, Intel has been providing superior performance. Even when AMD tried to compete, Intel was able to get more from each core and thread, and they could do this at lower clock speeds and thermal limits. In general terms, Intel processors have recently been faster, more efficient, and cooler to run. Running at lower clock speeds with lower thermals means energy saving, and this is one of the key reasons why Intel has such a huge market share today.

While there are diehard fans on both sides of the fence, particularly when it comes to PC gaming, the fact is that right now, Intel is simply doing better, with better technology.

Looking to 2017 and Beyond

We’re now at the beginning stages of 2017, and it looks like the processor market is about to change. AMD is close to releasing its new CPU architecture, and it looks set to challenge Intel with better performance per dollar, and equivalent performance to some of Intel’s best chips. This is something that hasn’t happened for many years, and it could completely shift the market share percentages. If you talk to your peers at information technology colleges or even friends or associates who are gaming or computer enthusiasts, they will tell you that this is a good thing.

ITI Technical CollegeFor too long now, Intel has been unchallenged. While AMD has been quietly making chips that are affordable but underpowered, Intel has been slowly innovating without making massive gains in performance. With AMD’s brand new architecture, their chips will catch up to some of Intel’s best technologies, and many are speculating that Intel will be caught napping.

In any case, we’re going to need to see this year through to know if AMD really is up to the challenge, and it won’t be likely that Intel will simply sit back and allow themselves to be leapfrogged.

If all of this interests you, then you’re definitely the kind of person who would thrive in the IT industry. You’ll need information technology training first, and a great place to get it is at ITI Technical College. Contact us today to learn about the upcoming classes, and instead of being an observer, become a valuable asset who can make a difference for the leading IT companies in America.


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