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HVAC Training in 2017: Start Your New Career

It can be extremely difficult to find a career that you will enjoy, that won’t cost a fortune to study for, and that will be extremely rewarding when it comes to job satisfaction and salary. Many people go through career changes and decades of their working life without ever being truly satisfied. If you don’t […]

Get Your HVAC Certification from an Accredited Institution

Do you want to kick-start your career with a qualification that will take you places? There may be many institutions for you to train and study but not every school will be able to provide you with the complete training that ITI Technical College provides you to get ahead. If you’re considering heating and ventilation […]

What Should Recipients of HVAC Training Expect in 2017?

Is 2017 going to be the year that you take an important step in your life, perhaps by enrolling in an HVAC training and certification course? If you want to enter an exciting and rewarding industry, then there are few courses that would be better suited, so if you’re interested, now would be a good […]

The Most Common Tasks for Technicians After HVAC School

Are you interested in studying at the ITI Technical College for a career in the HVAC industry? If the challenge of working with air conditioners and refrigeration devices is something that appeals to you, then you’ll be able to get a lot of value and personal satisfaction from your chosen field. Many new HVAC license […]

Learn to Fix Frozen AC Units

Ice buildup on an air conditioner is one of the most common problems that both consumers and industrial users experience with their systems. Ice buildup reduces efficiency, negatively impacts the cooling power of an air conditioner, and when not promptly diagnosed and repaired, ice buildup can completely destroy an air conditioning system. When you take […]

The Steps to Earning an HVAC License

If you are planning on getting an HVAC license, you should consider joining our ITI Technical College training. The learning experience will equip you with extensive training which will be critical in handling any eventualities on the job. Generally, the main responsibility of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning expert is to maintain, repair and […]

Heating and Ventilation Training: How to Avoid Ice Buildup on Condenser Units

If you’re interested in a career in the HVAC industry, then you’re going to need the right training and certifications to make you competitive in the job market. According to, there are currently 292,000 registered HVAC technicians in the United States, and the industry is renowned for stability and regular growth. If you’re considering […]

The Importance Of Customer Relations: A Basic Of AC Repair School

Have you struck an interest in AC Repair school? Perhaps you’ve known for a while that a standard office job isn’t what you’re best suited for, and you’re excited to take a deeper dive into the world of HVAC. You may be excited or overwhelmed, but eager to get started. What will you learn in […]

HVAC Service Training for Commercial Buildings

It makes sense that a large commercial building like a hospital wouldn’t run on the same HVAC unit and require the same HVAC service as the unit that runs your two thousand square foot home, right? So why would anyone expect to receive a one size fits all training for residential and commercial HVAC systems? […]

A Guide To Types Of Refrigerant In Your HVAC Services Training

HVAC Services Training

For some, the ability to walk indoors in a cool, air-conditioned environment in order to escape the heat of summer is a luxury. For others, it’s simply a necessity. Either way, it wouldn’t be possible without an air conditioning unit, and an air conditioning unit wouldn’t function properly without refrigerant. Below, we’ll cover some of […]

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