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Property Development Jobs in Construction Management

As you look for a job in the construction industry you’re probably going to come to realize that yes, you have quite a few choices and you’re going to want to narrow them down. Today we’re looking at the field of construction management, what it is, and how you can get into it. Let’s start […]

Are Construction Manager Careers a Good Idea?

Construction Manager If you’re nearing completion of your high school diploma and you’re looking for career options, then the construction manager career might be one role that you’ve considered. Entering this profession can provide you with stimulating work and plenty of career opportunities, and would be a great choice for your future. If you’ve been […]

Building Your Future as a Construction Manager

For some people, it can take years and a number of changes in a career before they find a path that is both engaging and rewarding. If you’re preparing to finish high school, and are still thinking about your future, then construction management training is one of the options that are worth your consideration. As […]

Further Your Career with Construction Management Training in Baton Rouge

ITI Technical College can prepare you for a rewarding and profitable career in construction management. In fact, our construction management training school in Baton Rouge has churned out numerous graduates – that have gone on to promising and established careers in construction. With industry-leading teachers, guides, and hands-on training; students are effectively prepared to tackle all […]

The Benefits of Entering Construction Management

An Exciting and New Career Path If you are looking for a rewarding and enriching career in the construction industry – construction management offers a wealth of new opportunities and great pay. At ITI College, we offer a range of construction management training courses and certification programs for all students. While manual labor – in […]

From Layman to Foreman – Get Your Construction Manager Certification

The construction industry offers some great jobs, with a significant amount of challenge and reward. If you’re stuck in the labor field you might feel like you’ve reached the end of your progression path. Gaining your construction manager degree can take you from physical work on the ground and further your career with options to […]

Three Jobs That Require Construction Management

If you’re a hardworking individual looking for a career that can take you places, then you should consider studying to enter the field of construction management. With great pay and a challenging day-to-day role, becoming a construction project manager will be highly rewarding and personally satisfying. If you’re wondering where your future qualification could take […]

A Look At Large Building Projects Started In 2016

Contruction Management Professionals

Are you interested in a construction management career, but you aren’t sure where your qualification could take you? If you look at any of the largest construction projects from the last year, you’ll be able to get a strong idea of just where your training at a construction manager school could lead you. Your role […]

Take a Step Up from Labor with Construction Manager Training

Are you ready for a change in career path? If you’re currently working in the construction industry as a Construction Manager, then there is a way to stay involved with the business that you love, while taking on new responsibilities that will challenge and reward you. If you’ve put in the hard work but you […]

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