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Three Jobs That Require Construction Management

If you’re a hardworking individual looking for a career that can take you places, then you should consider studying to enter the field of construction management. With great pay and a challenging day-to-day role, becoming a construction project manager will be highly rewarding and personally satisfying. If you’re wondering where your future qualification could take […]

A Look At Large Building Projects Started In 2016

Contruction Management Professionals

Are you interested in a construction management career, but you aren’t sure where your qualification could take you? If you look at any of the largest construction projects from the last year, you’ll be able to get a strong idea of just where your training at a construction manager school could lead you. Your role […]

A Construction Management Training School In Baton Rouge

Construction Project Manager Training

If you want a dynamic career in a continually growing industry, then a construction management training school could be right for you. Manage staff and projects through to completion, face rewarding challenges, and enjoy great compensation – these are just some of the reasons why project management in construction is a popular choice for undergraduate […]

Follow Your Dream with Construction Manager School

If you want a career that challenges you as much as it rewards you, then there are few other options that are better than studying to become a construction management professional. Performing the functions of a construction manager will mean that you can look at all aspects of a construction project, from the tools and […]

Construction Manager Certification Requirements

If you can see yourself in the role of a construction manager in the future, then you’re going to need the right qualification. Most employers require entry level managers to hold a degree awarded from a construction project management school, and an Associate Degree in Occupational Studies (AOS) would be a huge benefit to your […]

Three Job Paths for Construction Management

One of the best things about construction project management training, is that there will be plenty of career opportunities once you complete your study. Construction management is a specialized type of project management, where you will be directly involved in an exciting industry, working closely with contractors, architects, engineers, and other construction specialists. If you […]

Get Out of the Trenches and into the Office with Construction Manager Training

Construction management is one of the most critical roles in the construction industry. Effective management of people, resources, and schedules, is key to the timely delivery of any construction project. If you’re currently involved in construction but want to move to a managerial role, or even if you’re interested in construction management as the first […]

Commercial Building Construction Management

Construction Management If you are interested in an exciting career path that is dynamic, challenging, and highly rewarding, then a future in construction project management could be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to move up from your role as a laborer, or if you’re graduating and looking for more than just a […]

Essential Skills You Learn In Construction Management Training

If you’re interested in a project management role, particularly one in the construction industry, then there are some key skills that you will need to develop to be competitive and proficient in your role. Construction management shares several job requirements with project management in other industries, however, there are also specific skills that are unique […]

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