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Top Responsibilities of a Site Engineer

One of the top construction management careers is that of a site engineer, whose job is to perform an organizational or supervisory role on projects. One of their first and foremost responsibilities will be to pick out a location for both above and below-ground infrastructure, and they apply designs. Their job could extend to: * […]

Construction Management School – What You Need to Learn First

Are you thinking about a career in construction management? If you plan to enroll in a program to learn how to manage construction projects, then you can gain an advantage by learning everything that you can. When you take a construction management program in Baton Rouge, the following subjects can help you to better understand […]

Four Myths About the Construction Industry

Have you considered a career in the construction industry, but been disheartened by what some people see as a dead-end career? If you’ve ever heard that there’s no future in construction, then you would have been hearing one of the many myths about the industry. When you learn how to manage construction projects, you’ll find […]

What You Need to Know About Construction Manager Training

If you’re thinking about taking a positive step in your career by enrolling at a construction management school in Baton Rouge, then you’ll need to have a strong understanding of what the training will consist of. Being prepared for your learning will not only help you to understand what will be covered throughout your degree, […]

How Early Should You Start Preparing for Construction Management School?

If you are planning a career in the construction industry, particularly if you want to become a construction management professional, then it can help to start preparing early, even if you’re still studying in high school. There are a number of class selections that could help you in your construction manager training, and even something […]

Careers in Construction Management – What You Can Look Forward To

Construction management training could be a great idea if you’re someone who is attentive to detail and driven to create success in a team of people. As a construction manager, you will be one of the most important people in the running of a construction project, and you’ll take on a significant amount of work […]

Tips for Surviving in the Construction Management World

If you’re thinking about enrolling in a construction management program in Baton Rouge Louisiana, it can help to do a little preparation before you start, even if that simply means learning about some of the things that will be required to succeed in your future career. We offer a construction management course at ITI Technical […]

Is Construction Management School for You?

For anyone that is highly organized, with impeccable attention to detail, construction management school can be an interesting career path that is financially rewarding, while allowing for excellent personal and professional growth. If you’re still trying to decide what kind of study you will follow after high school, or even if you want to cross-skill […]

Construction Management: Residential vs. Commercial

When you study construction management training in Baton Rouge Louisiana, you’ll develop the necessary skills to work on projects in both the residential and commercial construction industries. While many of the skills are transferrable, it’s still important to note that there can be some significant differences between the types of projects in these industries. Understanding […]

Changes in the Construction Industry that Will Impact Construction Management

The construction industry continually evolves with changes in process, regulatory changes, and developments in construction techniques. If you’re thinking about studying at a construction management school in Baton Rouge, then these are five changes for 2017 that you’ll need to be aware of. Federal Contractors Are Now Entitled to Sick Leave Federal contracting companies will […]

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