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Information Technology School Basics – Three Ways to Access an FTP Server

Since the beginning of the internet the FTP or File Transfer Protocol has been used for the purpose of accessing websites and making sure that all of the files are in order and easily accessible by the administrator. Essentially, you are using FTP software to access a directory on the host computer. It could be […]

Information Technology Training in the New World

The world is changing; we can see it in everything. From the political policies being set forth by our government, to the types of activities that we undertake every single day. Most importantly however, we can see all of the changes in our technology, some of which are more confusing than others. The first thing […]

Firewall Training from ITI Technical College

Located in Baton Rogue, LA, ITI Technical College was founded in 1973 to directly serve the needs of the local business and industrial community.  The college was also formed to specifically fit the increasing demands of companies in the Louisiana and Gulf Coast region.  The objective of the school is the same as it was upon […]

What is Windows Server?

Before defining the Windows Server operating systems it is important to understand what a server is and what it does.  A server or servers consist of hardware and software components.  First off, a server can be a simple file server running on older hardware that is simply meant to communicate with one or more computers […]

Learning About the Cloud in an Information Technology Program

One of today’s biggest questions in the technology world is “What is the cloud”?  Cloud computing is the concept of making files, data, applications, or even virtual servers available regardless of the hardware status of an individual machine.  A Cloud consists of many machines at data centers across the country or across the world.  These […]

An Overview Of The Latest Equipment Used At A Information Technology School

ITI Technical College Campus

  Information technology is a highly competitive career field where people have to be on point at all times. Here at ITI Technical College, we believe in providing the right facilities and equipment to help our students succeed in their studies. We understand as information technology school students will have to be covering several subjects […]

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