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Apply Your New Skills as a Freelance Drafter

When you attend a school of drafting and design you will acquire a great number of skills that will be highly useful to you in many different situations throughout various industries. Most likely, you will be considering using it in a workplace environment, but you can go so much further than that. After you graduate […]

What to Expect from CAD School in 2017

When you’re thinking of jumping into a new career you have a lot of different choices, and if you’re partial to drawing or building, then the school of drafting and design probably crossed your mind more than once. So here’s a question: what does it entail? When our fathers and grandfathers attended drafting school many […]

How to Get into Computer Aided Drafting

First and foremost, what is computer-aided drafting exactly? You’ve probably heard the name quite a bit, but if you’re not familiar with it, it could be all Greek to you. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. There are quite a few things for you to take into consideration before you pursue this career, but […]

Three Computer Aided Drafting Pre-Requisites

Technical design, architecture, and engineering have all seen a noticeable “boom” in the last couple of years and these professions have continued to rise. These professions will always be in high demand for the ability they provide to build infrastructures in society. One of the major aspects of the School of Drafting and Design is […]

What You Can do After Drafting College

A Drafting College can be an important first step toward a rewarding career, and it’s safe to say that with a degree, you will have plenty of options. If you’re thinking about enrolling in a school of drafting and design, or even if you’re still planning your future and looking for the right area of […]

Build The Future With Architectural Drafting Classes

There’s been a noticeable boom in construction and engineering in recent years, but it’s not just builders and engineers that the industry needs. Every building starts with a draft that will be used by architects and engineers to start building. If you’re looking to change careers, or want to get studying toward this career out […]

Four Careers Computer Aided Drafting School Could Land You In

When you study at Computer-Aided Drafting School, you’ll be opening up numerous career pathways that will be hugely rewarding in both a personal and professional sense. If you’re currently learning more about the programs offered by ITI Technical College, then you will likely be interested in some of the careers that could be on the […]

Learn to Change the World with Computer Aided Drafting

Everybody wants to find a career where they can make a difference. For different people, this can mean different things. If you’re somebody who likes to create, inspire, and work with the latest technology, then you might just be perfect for a Computer-Aided Drafting Program. By studying in this area, you could be helping to […]

Attend a Leading School of Drafting & Design

Are you someone who loves complex designs and technical processes? Do you like to create things? If you can answer yes to these simple questions, then you may be interested in studying at the ITI Technical College School of Drafting and Design. In Baton Rouge, LA, we offer courses that can prepare you for architectural […]

If You Can Imagine It, You Can See It Built with Your Drafting Education

A career shouldn’t just be about money. It should also include leaving a positive impression on your community, your industry, and even the world. If you love to create and you want big things for your future, then a drafting education could help you to realize your full potential, by giving you the skills that […]

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